How to make a Paper Plane

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Learn how to make a Paper Plane cocktail at home with Sean from Maneful. The Paper Plane is four ingredients, equal parts. It is refreshing and slightly bitter, and the Aperol gives it a vibrant orange hue.


0.75 oz bourbon

0.75 oz Aperol

0.75 oz Amaro Nonino

0.75 oz lemon juice


Step 1 – Combine ingredients in shaker

Step 2 – Add ice to shaker

Step 3 – Shake with ice

Step 4 – Strain into glass

Step 5 – Serve and enjoy!

The Paper Plane is one of 52 recipes in Maneful’s Fundamental Cocktails deck. Whether you’re new to making drinks, or you’re already an expert home bartender, our deck of 52 cocktail recipe cards will help you find and prepare the perfect drink at home. Buy it today at

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