I suppose if you came all this way, we should provide something useful to you. So we’ve included some great cocktail resources on this page.

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And finally, check out our recommendations below on what barware to buy. We are revamping our own barware kits, and will hopefully have them for sale sometime in 2023. But until then, this is what we are buying for our own home bars.

Our Recommended Barware

Home bartender in residence Sean will get a credit if you use the affiliate links below, which he will use to buy more barware, which he will then evaluate and use to update this list.

Essential Barware

These are the must-have tools for your home bar. You need a lot less than you think.

Boston Shaker

Most cocktails you will make will require a shaker. And if you want to shake in style, use a Boston Shaker. I prefer using a weighted shaker, with a glass mixing cup.


All jiggers measure, but few measure as well as this one. With multiple options for tablespoons and ounces, this is the only jigger you will need. Traditional? No. Practical? Very.

Hawthorne Strainer

After you’re done shaking your cocktail, you need to strain it. This Hawthorne strainer works very well, has a nice feel, and is inexpensive. You won’t be disappointed.

Barware for Fruit Drinks

Almost all cocktails include fresh fruit juice, and these tools will help you make them.

Hand Juicer

Do you like margaritas? Or sidecars? Or anything that requires lemon or lime juice? Invest in one of these now, and save yourself a ton of hassle. This particular model is amazing, and has been used almost daily in my household for 3 years.


Many drinks (including a personal favorite – the Caipirinha) require you to muddle lime. I prefer wooden muddlers over cheaper plastic or metal alternatives, and this one has a nice shape and feel.


Peeling a small fruit like a lemon, lime, or orange can be difficult. This Y-peeler makes your job much easier than a traditional peeler or knife. You can also hang it with your other bar tools thanks to the nicely designed handle.

Barware for Stirred Drinks

These tools are nice if you have the space and the desire to look professional, but they are not essential. Don’t bother looking here until you have everything above.

Julep Strainer

Hawthorne strainers are for shaken drinks. Julep strainers are for stirred drinks. If you want to look like a pro, invest in a julep strainer. But, honestly, a hawthorne strainer works just as well.

Mixing Glass

Dedicated mixing glasses are beautiful, and I enjoy using them. But if you don’t care about using the “correct” tool, the glass mixing glass from your Boston Shaker works just as well.

Stirring Spoon

Dedicated stirring spoons are very useful for taller glasses, and they look great. But if you don’t want a dedicated stirring spoon, a thin spoon for your cutlery drawer will often suffice.

Barware for Nice Ice

Have you ever admired the ice in your drink at a speakeasy or cocktail bar? You can make something just as professional at home with a few tools.

Ice Molds

Most homemade ice cubes aren’t cubes, but they could be. Kick up your presentation with these molds. Extra large cube option (great with scotch on the rocks) displayed here.

Wooden Mallet

When a drink calls for crushed ice, you have some bashing to do. A large wooden mallet will crush your ice and it should not damage your countertop (unless you go crazy). This one works fine, but if you can find an antique at a yard sale or thrift store, even better.

Lewis Bag

Your wooden mallet won’t do you much good unless you have something to crush the ice in. That’s where the Lewis Bag comes in. You will be glad you have one when mojitos are on your mind.

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