Want to make drinks at home?

52 Expertly Curated Recipes

Traditional cocktail recipe books can be overwhelming for both the home bartender and their patrons.  We’ve spent the time to carefully select great recipes featuring a wide variety of spirits, so you can spend more time making and enjoying cocktails, and less time deciding what to make.

Flavor Profiles Help You Choose The Perfect Drink

Unless you have years of experience, it’s difficult to read an ingredient list and know what the finished cocktail will taste like.  With our flavor profile classification system, you and your guests can get a sense of each cocktail before making it, and can quickly select a cocktail to match your mood.

Easy-To-Follow Illustrated Instructions

Making cocktails should be fun, so you shouldn’t have to worry about selecting one that is too complex or time intensive for the occasion.  With our step-by-step illustrated instructions, you can instantly see the tools and the number of steps required to perfectly make each cocktail

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Explore Fundamental Cocktails

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